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Baltic Championship Qualifier (30/03) Ticket

Baltic Championship Qualifier (30/03) Ticket

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Baltic Championship Qualifier Plan: Your Gateway to Glory!

🌟 Yuranka Games proudly presents an unmissable series of qualifying events for the prestigious Baltic Championship! 🏆

🗓 Save the Dates:

  • Saturday, March 30th
  • Saturday, April 27th
  • Saturday, May 25th

Join us on the last Saturday of each month and be part of an exhilarating journey that could lead you straight to the Baltic Championship, happening on June 15-16. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to make your mark, this is your chance to shine!

🏅 Entry Package: For an entry fee of just €20, participants will receive 4 booster packs from the latest set, setting the stage for intense competition and exciting gameplay.

👥 Player Count:

  • Minimum: 15
  • Maximum: 50

🏆 Prize Breakdown:

  • 1st Place: Earn a free invite to the Baltic Championship and receive 12 OTS Boosters.
  • 2nd Place: Secure your spot in the Championship with a free invite and 6 OTS Boosters.
  • 3rd Place: A free invite awaits, along with 3 OTS Boosters.
  • 4th Place: Gain entry to the Championship, with additional rewards if more than 30 players participate.
  • Top 5-8: Each will receive 1 OTS Booster.
  • 9th-50th Places: Stand a chance to win one of the exclusive playmats, with increased giveaways if the player count exceeds 30.

🎖 Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Compete against the best and earn your place among the champions. Stay tuned for more details on the Baltic Championship and be on the lookout for the sign-up form.

Join us at Yuranka Games – where heroes are made, and legends begin.

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